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HM= Homemade
EST= Estes
OTH= Other
Rocket # of flights Status
Big Blue (hm) 2 in use
Goliath (est) 4-5 lost
Big Bertha (est) 5-6 in use
Bulpup (est) 0 in use
Wizard (est) 0 in use
A.V.R. Condor (est) 2 retired
Black Brant II (est) 1 retired
Alpha (est) 0 in use
Gemini DC (est) 3-4 in use
Zorro (hm) 0 in use
SR-71 Blackbird (est) 0 under construction
Twister (oth) 0 in use
Quark (est) 2 still in sky, I think
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