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Wow! You are the Alien that has been to my planet.

Welcome    Visitors    From    Another    Galaxy

Hi! My name is Kelly, the most wonderful person on this planet. I was born in Norfolk, Nebraska, which is the farthest planet in my world. My birth date is March 17, 1985 (which is........which is.......????????........which is @#$$%%^&*(())_!@#$%)QWERTYUIOP{SDFGHJK:"xc xcvbnm,./, in other words, my planet would be called, in English or French (for Canadian people), would be called, "WEIRD AL!!!!!" If you have any comments about the name of my planet please contact me at my home phone in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The number, though, is unlisted. SORRY, SUCKER!!!!!

Thank    you    for    visiting    the    planet    Weird    Al!    Remember,    I'm    waiting.