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Cow2's rocketry site
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Welcome to my site about model rockets.

If you can't wait to build another rocket but don't have enough money to by a kit then click on Paper Tiger under Links. I will add pictures, as soon as I can get a scanner. Every week, I will try to add a new question of the week. If you would like your site (Rocketry Sites Only) under my links section, just e-mail me, and I'll be glad to put it there. Good and bad rocket stories. I now have a rocket review section. Some of peoples best launches. View the foxtrot comics. Thank You to whoever has helped me out with this page. View the NAR safety code.


Paper TigerAn inexpensive easy to make model rocket
Rocketry OnlineThe best rocketry site on the web
Estes model rocket plansOld and new estes model rocket plans rocketryA must see sight!

Tip of the week
Don't rush on building your rocket. Even though you want to finish it, and fly it so bad after your done it looks really bad. As you get better on building rockets, you'll be able to finish them faster (with them looking good!). Believe me on this one. I've learned from experience!

I know I have not had a new tip of the week, but I just can't think of one. I you know one please E-Mail me it, and I will thank you in my thanks section.

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Projects I'm working on
I'm working on an estes SR-71 Blackbird. I won't be able to finish that for a little while, because the centering rings were the right ones, but they were just a little too big. I'm am done with my camera. The rocket doesnot look so good with the camera in it, but the camera should work.

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